Welcome Friends!

Oh, hello there!  Thank you for stopping by.  “Plated” is a long time coming and we are happy to officially kick if off!

This blog will be many things, but mostly, it will be about our love of food, cooking and most importantly – EATING!  We believe in the healing power of a home cooked meal and that food somehow tastes better when shared with friends and family.  We are fortunate to know great eaters who appreciate all kinds of food and we love to share meals with them.  This is our opportunity to share our food with you!

Heath. We serve all our meals on Heath-ware.  I suppose it is responsible for the title of this blog. It is also the inspiration for our entire home. One little blue plate helped us create our own oasis.  We aren’t much for food presentation but anything looks good plated on piece of Heath.  This blog will also occasionally feature kitcheny things we love and want to share with you.  What’s your favorite plate?

To start, this is our kitchen:


Small you say? Fooey.  Those of you living in NYC understand what we’re working with here (ok ok, I didn’t do the dishes and yes, that is an Obama action figure on the fridge).  Granted, it’s not the most ideal space but we still manage to produce great meals made with love.  We’ll show you how you can too.

We love cookbooks. We often buy them and forget to use them but they have a great home on the island shelf.  If there are cookbooks you love please comment and let us know about them.  We are curious about what inspires your meals.


These are our five fave’s.  The little red notebook on the bottom right is “Sita’s Best”.  It’s filled with wonderful delights (my mother-in-laws recipes).  If you’re lucky, she’ll let us share a few.  Where is my mother’s recipe book you ask? In her head…the sneaky broad! I’ll try to get a few on paper though.

We travel as much as we can and we gravitate towards gastronomical  destinations.  We’ve spent some time in Paris – which really influenced our cooking – and we miss the Bastille Market like we miss parts of our childhood.

What you’ll find here:

  • Recipes inspired by restaurants we love
  • Recipes we make up
  • Recipes our family/friends tried out on us
  • Cookbook recommendations
  • Food inspired by our travels
  • Pretty food(ish) pictures
  • Kitchen tools we enjoy
  • Lots of parenthetical statements

What you won’t find here:

  • The recipe for Jessica’s red sauce.  Don’t even think about it.  Her grandmother would come after her from the grave…if her mother didn’t beat her to it. You’ll just have to come over for dinner to try it…

We’ll begin to post recipes, restaurants and interesting food things next week. Check out the “About Us” section for more info.  Thanks for reading and see you next Wednesday!


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15 responses to “Welcome Friends!

  1. Ashley

    Hey guys! Fun blog.

    One of my newest cookbooks was a gift: “Casserole Crazy” by fellow Brooklynite Emily Farris. Casserole may not be the most fancy of dishes, but her book is fun and worth owning. Also, there are more kinds of baked macaroni and cheese than you could ever dream of in there…

  2. Alyssa

    Hey aunite Jess and James,
    Great blog! The wole family loves it I can’t wait to see what more is coming.I can’t wait to show you some of the resipes that I have for junior girl scouts.

    We all miss you very much!!!!! We can’t wait to see you


  3. How fun! Was wondering what you were doing over there. Look forward to the next post!

  4. Kimberly

    hi jessica,
    my husband is obsessed with lidia’s family table too! as for me, patricia wells at home in provence is probably my all-time favorite. i look forward to trying some of your delicious recipes – nice header design, by the way!


    • Thank you! Coming from you that’s a real compliment 😉 I am totally going to check that out. I like Patricia Wells very much but I don’t know have that book…I will soon! Thanks for reading.

  5. Alissa

    Fantastic! I’m sure Tom and I will enjoy reading this and eating what we learn (I need all the help I can get) as much as you enjoy creating it! I will come over to taste that red sauce any time. 🙂

    P.S. – I think you have a great kitchen!

  6. I love this blog. It’s great to see Heath front and center!
    Way to bring the Bay Area into the mix 🙂
    You site makes me think of two things to share. First, a great food website and cookbook by Darshana Weill http://www.fruitionhealth.com/ – her cookbook is Fruition’s Fifty Favorites. Her recipes are yummy and healthy — seriously.
    Then, your scrabble pieces inspired me to share http://www.timelesstreasuressf.com/
    They are known for their vintage letters!! I think owner Joan O’ Connor is primarily responsible for the huge collection.

  7. C.Ryan

    Like this!

    Any chance you have some thanksgiving posts coming up? I seem to remember a great t-giving feast in SF.

    Hope you guys are well. I’ll be checking back in.

  8. Alex

    Love this! Cheers to your new blog 🙂

  9. Sneaky Broad

    I am a happy recipe sharer! But somehow, I just always manage to forget one crucial ingredient…
    Love seeing kitchen.

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