Emily’s Post

My mother gifted me Emily Post’s Etiquette book published in 1945. This is actually a revision from a book originally published in 1927. She found it in my Grandmother’s old things.  It mentions how to address President Roosevelt on the occasion you find yourself writing to The White House.

I thought it would be fun to impart some proper Etiquette on our Plated readers. So, from time to time, I’ll post some old world wisdom (maybe even weekly!).  Some of this stuff is truly out of this world.  Like this little nugget:


“…Because so many young women, as well as men, have an idea that life in a great city is completely glamorous, this explanation may perhaps serves as a useful antidote at least to the hurt pride that is felt by the bride who comes from a small, neighborly, friendly community into this crushing city of titanic size and inhuman indifference, and has to face a situation that is harder than that of any other newcomer.  The unknown wife of no matter how attractive a man, if he have neither strong family backing nor wealth enough to build background for her, can but find herself bereft of a position such as she had at home – or would have in almost any other community.  This is not because New York refuses to accept her – not at all, New York might put her on a pedestal if it knew of her existence – and that is the very point! In a city of nearly eight million people, how can one young bride be found, no matter how lovely she is! In a very small town no one can for long be an unrecognized stranger.  Walk down Main Street a dozen times, and dozens of people will have seen you twelve times, So let it be said, first of all, DON’T go as strangers to a great city. If you have a few friends to start with, that is one thing; but otherwise live in the suburbs instead.  Even if you do this, you will have to leave to fate (or to your judgment of the neighborhood you settle in) the hope of finding your neighbors congenial, and the equal hope that they will find the same quality in you…”

My, am I glad we settled in Clinton Hill where it feels like a small town, the people are friendly, have always accepted me and they have never made me feel like a stranger…regardless of how attractive my husband is.



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4 responses to “Emily’s Post

  1. Kristen

    Oh if only I had read this before moving from Arkansas! That being said I have pushed and shoved and cried and laughed and made enough mistakes to force my way into New York, and while it may not acknowledge my presence, it begrudgingly introduced me to a great man and we are very slowly making a small, happy little place for ourselves… which is more rewarding than being recognized on Main Street.

  2. Mat-e-o

    Man, I was really expecting something along the lines of “don’t pick your nose at the table”

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