Happy Canning…

Music: Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Merry Christmas! This year was a pretty serious handmade Christmas.  And you know what, it was the most fun gift giving I’ve had in a while.  We made all our Christmas ornaments and house decorations.  We made cookies and parties.  And we made red sauce and canned it for friends and family.   Canning wasn’t that hard! (I was surprised.)

Here’s what I did:

  • I purchased a bunch of 32 oz. mason jars.
  • Then I made about 7 batches of red sauce.

  • Wash the bell jars really really well.
  • Boil the bands, tops and jars in water for about 10 minutes until the jars are as hot as the sauce. Do not discard water.

  • Dry all parts VERY well.
  • Using a funnel, ladle sauce into jars with until there is about ½ inch left from the top.
  • Wipe top of jar very well and wipe away any sauce that has caught on any of the jar.
  • Place top on jar. Put a finger in the middle of the top and press down while tightening band.
  • Take out a few cups of water from the pots on stove.
  • Place full jars in water and boil for 10 minutes.
  • Turn off stove and let jars sit in water for about 20 minutes to cool slightly.
  • Remove jars and dry off (use rubber gloves and tongs).
  • Leave on counter top and let sealing process happen.
  • After about 7 minutes you will start to hear a “pop” meaning the lid is sealed.
  • Sauce will be good for about a year!

I bought these vintage travel labels from Lion in the Sun and affixed them to each jar. I tied a little bow at the top and voila…Merry Christmas!

I’m thinking of selling these…what do you think?? Would you buy jarred sauce from Plated?


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  1. I love this and have wondered how to can for a number of years. We pick tons of tomatoes at our local farm each summer, make sauce and freeze it. But this is a great idea for gifts and doesn’t fill your fridge all winter. Love it!

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