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Vegan (sorta) Feast for The Astral Crew

Music: Celia Cruz – Ritmo, Tambó y Flores

Some of my best memories of NY come from a wobegone time (5 years ago) when I would visit James and his old roommate Greg at their apartment in Greenpoint.  I was much younger then and Greenpoint was only just simmering with the young folk.  They lived in a beautiful building called The Astral. The Astral was built in 1875 as a residence for the Astral oil workers (Pratt Institute was built by the same architects).  (Speaking of oil, Greenpoint was affected by the largest domestic oil spill in the history of the United States – starting with a leakage from the refineries in the 1950’s,  it wasn’t discovered how massive the spill was until the 1970’s when the Coast Guard observed an oil streak up river into Queens)

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Fleur de Sel Caramels – Sweet Thursday

Music: Edan – Beautiful Food

We recently met baby Eloise, daughter of our friends Laura and Mike.  In honor of this meeting, we made these wonderful caramels to share as an after dinner treat. No, my little sillies, not for the baby! For us!

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Emily’s Post

Here we go again…

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Sunday Morning Griddlecakes

Music: The Hotcakes – Mister Mister

Yesterday I posted the classic Seaseme Street segment with the little girl making her way to the grocery store while trying to remember her mother’s grocery list.  Well, yesterday morning, James was that little girl.  We decided on Sunday pancakes but didn’t have the milk, butter or eggs to make it.  So off he went to the market to gather the things we needed most.

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Do you remember this?

Because it was food related I thought I would include it.  😉 Happy Sunday.

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Lentil Soup for Brothers

Music: In the Sun – She & Him (this comes out in late March but I just listened to it on Pitchfork thanks to Catherine).

James and his brothers have a lot of great stories from their youth. There are one of the few siblings I know that were totally in sync and can count the fights they’ve had on one hand.  James and Peter (before Paul was born) would play a game called “Pals”.  They couldn’t get enough of each other that they had to pretend they were friends – which, somehow, meant more to them than being brothers. I thought I would honor this special bond with a “brothers” meal because I don’t have siblings…I play a game where I pretend they are mine.

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Sweet Thursday – Whoopie Pies

Music: To Build a Home – Cinematic Orchestra (this goes out to all the FNL fans out there – or Chivas Regal fans).

I spent my summers in Maine (at band camp, no joke – and my band camp friends are right now screaming “it was MUSIC camp!”) and understand how Mainiacs feel about Whoopie Pies. My grandfather is from Maine.  I don’t actually know if this is one of his favorite things but it reminds me of him.  They have somehow been associated with him since I was a little girl.

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