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Some things should never change…


The suggested saving to be made by eating everything on one’s plate and leaving no food “for manners” (in my case it’s because I generally overeat!) is evidently a confusion of the word plate with platter (ooooohhh, I see the difference!).  To leave a portion on the platter (or in the dish) because a guest might like another helping was good manners.  But deliberately to leave a portion of food on one’s own plate was never accepted etiquette. In fact, the maxim of frugality is, “Food left on your plate is a wicked waste, because it must be thrown away. Food left in the platter is saved for another day.” (I dislike leftovers very much, this drives James insane.  She may save herself some food, but I save myself any potential food born illnesses associated with spoilage…).

The one food-saving rule of importance brought about by the war (WWII)  is to serve small portions and then pass every dish a second time.  Instead of cutting a broiled chicken into four pieces (or, if small, in only two) as was formerly done at lunch parties, it is now cut in eight pieces (or four) and the platter passed again (as was not the former practice).

I wanted to share two of the coolest things we got for Christmas this year (one was actually a belated wedding gift).  Our friends, Matt and Rosa, gave us this awesome cutting board with the blog’s tagline (Chi é qui mangia! – Who’s here eats!) whittled into it! How cool is that??!!

The other gift was the unbelievably beautiful Laguiole carving set for BJ and Ally.  James has a slight obsession with Laguiole knives and gave them to his groomsman as gifts before our wedding.  Our friends even had them engraved with a very thoughtful nugget of advice. I can’t wait to use them!

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  1. HAHA, Chris HATES leftovers too. He also likes throwing away things like cookies or crackers if they’ve been in the house for longer than a week, even though they’re still good.

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