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This one is classic…


There are, of course, thousands of women drivers who are on every count first-class, but there are certain others who deserve all the criticism that can be given them. Among the worst of these should be put the window-shopper ( I wonder what she would say about female drivers with cell phones?), she who crawls along a crowded thoroughfare with her gaze fastened upon the store windows (seriously??).  In a taxi, the other day, an army pilot followed close behind one of these for about twenty blocks.  His taxi driver pointed her out. Said he, “Those window-shoppers are the worst we come up against! (not drunk-drivers, but female window shoppers). Why they don’t get killed is God’s mercy; they could never be saved merely by man. When I look ahead and see a woman driving her car with her head turned profile, I give her the widest berth I can” (facepalm).

A not unfamiliar sight, in the smaller towns, are the stop to talker who park side by side and hold long conversations while other cars wait or maneuver their way past the blockade as best they can (I can’t even touch this). There is no reason why Cissy Chatter may not talk with Penny Prattle as long as she chooses, but one of them must draw over close to the curb and wait.  The other must park her car in a proper place and then come back to the first car and either stand on the sidewalk or get into the car.

I can’t wait until they reveal the new Megan Fox for Armani lingerie billboards…let’s have a conversation about lady-driving-window-shoppers after that.


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