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Here we go again…


The president of a great manufacturing concern supported his objection to women employees by the following criticism: “A man comes into the office at nine sharp, hangs his hat on a peg, and sites down at his desk ten seconds after coming in the front door.  A women comes in just as conscientiously at a minute to nine, goes into the dressing room and it is anywhere from ten to twenty minutes before she has finished brushing her dress, and fixing her hair, and powdering her nose – and heaven alone knows what!” (Well, I say, that’s your fault for putting a dressing room in the office, anyone would get confused).

If a big concern were to take out for every moment the women spend fussing with their hat and dabbing at their faces, the total hours wasted would be a surprise to the treatment.

Then, too, women waste more time in conversation than men. A remark now and then seems to unimportant to note, but a minute now and another then reduces efficiency not alone by the minutes spent in talking but by many more that deflect the mental machinery from its job (um, hello, this is called “a meeting”).

Nevertheless women have gone to stay into not only every branch of business, but every profession as well.  Women are heads of their own offices in many businesses and in almost all the professions (she’s CLEARLY never heard of Sarah Palin).


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