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The mails carry letters every day that are so many packages of TNT should their contents be exploded by falling into wrong hand (I swear that’s how this sentence reads – copied it straight from the book). Letters that should never have been written are put in evidence in courtrooms every day.  Many cannot, in any way, be excused; but often silly girls and foolish women write things that sound quite different from what they innocently, but stupidly, intended.

Of course the best advice to young girls who feel impelled to pour out their emotions in letters to men can be put in a word, don’t! (in modern contexts, hello drunk texting, thank you!).

However, if you are a young girl – or even a not-so-young woman – and are determined to write a letter to a man (who is neither you husband or your betrothed) that contains any possibility of emotion, then at least put it away for “an overnight” in order to re-read it and make sure that you have said nothing that may “sound different” from what you intended to say. (probably her best advice yet ladies! now have another margarita…)

Remember this above all:  Never write a letter to anyone – no matter who – that would embarrass you were you to see it in a newspaper above your signature.  Not that this means YOU, but thousands apon thousands of women, inspired by every emotion known, have poured words on paper, but few of the many made public have had beauty.  There were, as many may rememeber, a certain few letters read in a Pacific Coast divorce four not long ago, which reveled a woman’s character of unforgettable loveliness. But such characters – as well as letters – are rare (I wonder who this woman was and what she did to impress dear ol’ Ems here…a tough job indeed!)

A point to remember, then, is the written words, unless destroyed, are permanent, and that thoughts carelessly put on paper can exist for hundreds of years (Thank God for Facebook).

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