Emily’s Post


Let us imagine a young man who is lucky enough to have a regular job, but whose pay leaves very little for luxuries, in which he naturally includes amusements.  The question that he asks himself is this: How can he take a NICE girl out?  How can he ask a girl, let us say, like Sally Hiborn, used to luxury as she is, to spend an evening that couldn’t help being – well, not very impressive?  Jim Clerking hasn’t a car at all.  He can’t possibly buy her orchids; he dare not even risk the bill for luncheon, let alone dinner, at a high-class restaurant; and “down in front” orchestra seats at a successful play are entirely out of reach.  So what can he do?
Of course, the point to make is that Sally is precisely the type of girl who wouldn’t care whether he bought seats for the latest musical comedy or went to a second-showing picture theatre.  Having all her life been used to the things that many people look upon as luxuries, she finds that they in themselves mean nothing to her.

It is the girl with an inferiority fear who wants to be driven in a high-powered car to the Fritz-Cherry, to be conspicuously decorated with orchids, because she has no standards except those of cost.

To Sally Hiborn, on the other hand, the one thing that really counts is the man she is going out with.  Given her choice between dining at the Fritz-Cherry with Dullan Rich and going to a cafeteria with Bob Bright, she would choose the cafeteria every time.

So, to you who hesitate because you do not think that whatever you have in mind is good enough for the nicest girl in the world, the advice is: Ask her by all means, to whatever you can afford.  In fact, if it is simple, the way she responds is rather a measure of the quality of girl she is – and of her liking for you.  the important thing is to be unself-conscioulsy frank yourself, and to take the fact of having or not having money casually.


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  1. Alex

    “Ask her by all means, to whatever you can afford.” Hallelujah, Emily!

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