Oyster Crab

Whatever is an oyster crab?  Once in a long while one discovers a tiny little crab living in an oyster. Due to ocean patterns and filtration systems, sometimes tiny crabs lodge themselves into other oyster shells.  They are affectionately called “lodgers”.  Apparently it is a rarity to find one. Recently, when home shucking some oysters, we found two! What better way to enjoy this delicacy than to fry it up and chomp on it. To explain in a bit more depth, we found this fun article from December 15, 1907 published in the New York Times.



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5 responses to “Oyster Crab

  1. paulsclevenger

    I found one also!

  2. Svetlana

    We found an even dozen in our recent order of oyster in the shell. We made them into pizza topping and also tried them raw. WOw! What an amazing little treat. I will fry them next time.

  3. Nora Chamberlain

    We were home shucking oysters on March 10, 2012 and were surprised to find this tiny crab in one of the oysters. We live at the shore so we went and put some sea water and seaweed in a container and put the little thing in there. My daughter attends The University of Vermont in Animal Science and was thrilled to be able to bring the crab back up to school. She plans to bring it into her wildlife professor or the ECHO center in Burlington to find out more about it. We googled this and found good info. She does not want to eat the crab however, she wants to see if she can extend its life for as long as possible. Is this something she’d be able to do? She has it in a small aquarium with sea water and sseaweed. We sent her up with additional sea water to change out in a couple of days. .

  4. jlferrer

    Not so rare after all. I had 18 raw oysters today at Bayside in Miami, and at least 5 of the 18 had tiny crabs within them. Just spit them out and kept on eating, but really kinda disgusting. Glad to see they have no bearing on the quality of the oyster.

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