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Oyster Crab

Whatever is an oyster crab?  Once in a long while one discovers a tiny little crab living in an oyster. Due to ocean patterns and filtration systems, sometimes tiny crabs lodge themselves into other oyster shells.  They are affectionately called “lodgers”.  Apparently it is a rarity to find one. Recently, when home shucking some oysters, we found two! What better way to enjoy this delicacy than to fry it up and chomp on it. To explain in a bit more depth, we found this fun article from December 15, 1907 published in the New York Times.



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Baked Long Island Clams

Music: Acid Tongue – Jenny Lewis

Growing up on the Great South Bay of Long Island, nothing defined my childhood more than the beach, the boat and the waterways of my home.  In the summers when I was young one of my favorite culinary adventures was to go clamming with my cousin off Squaw Island.  For anyone who does not know what Squaw Island is, well it is essentially a little mound of earth that is only visible during low tide about a ten-minute ride southwest from the Amityville Cut just past Snake Channel.  For anyone who doesn’t know where Snake Channel is, well it’s just west of the Tobay Beach marina.  Hang a right at The Four Corners and…OK, none of you know where any of this is but I can attest that is some of the most beautiful stretches of local beaches, marshes and bay I have ever seen.

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Manhattan Clam Chowder

Music: What Would You do with a Drunken Sailor? – Pete Seeger

Hi…We took another break, as you likely noticed, but now we’re back. Let’s just say I lost some teeth…;)

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Lobster Rolls!

Music: Driftwood – Travis

This past weekend we threw a lovely soiree for my dear friends Trina and Ji Young.  We spent the weekend at Molly’s family beach house on Long Beach Island and celebrated the passing of 3 decades. And Brooklyn Plated catered it!  We served some old standby’s like crab cakes and polenta fries (pictures at bottom).  I also made a variation of a good old fashion New England lobster roll recipe and combined it with something from Thomas Keller.  What we got was magic. We served the lobster rolls along side some corn on the cob and cole slaw.

I grew up in CT.  In CT they serve lobster rolls hot and with butter (Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale in Madison is where we usually go for this – also if someone can find and send me a picture of one of their old school tee-shirts, I’ll make it worth you’re while…not quite sure how but I will).  Everywhere else in New England they serve lobster rolls cold and with mayo! Imagine the horror on my first trip to Maine way back in the summer of 1992 when I was served a cold, wet lobster roll…to be honest, I never grew to like it, not even after many trips north in the passing years.  It wasn’t until a recent trip to The Brooklyn Flea where I ate a Maine-style lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound that I was converted.

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Easy Crab Cakes

Music: Chopin – Nocturnes In B Flat Minor, Op. 9/1 – Larghetto

Le Gigot, one of our favorite restaurants, serves the best crab cakes in NYC.  It’s nearly impossible to replicate their recipe (they don’t use breadcrumbs and I suspect a lot of butter goes into the recipe to bind it together) but we’ve certainly tried.  James has made this version of crab cakes since for as long as I can remember (there are breadcrumbs, however).  They are really easy and very enjoyable.  We pair them with a mustard sauce.

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AND we’re back….

Hi there. Been awhile. How’ve you been?

We took a couple days to recover from our eating frenzy in SF but we’re happy to be cooking and back on track.  I don’t have a recipe for you today but I have some lovely food pictures of the weekend we spent in the Hamptons with our great friends.  Happy Birthday Melissa!

About 20 of us rented a mansion for a Big Chill-esque weekend (I’ve never seen this movie but apparently someone dies, hence the get-together…thankfully that wasn’t the case for us but because of the storm, this house was the perfect setting for a horror film so there was the potential for a kinda “big chill” on our hands…).  We had a BBQ/Pot-Luck Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday night. Saturday night  The Clam Man of Southampton came to the house and created a good ol’ fashioned clam bake for us complete with oysters, lobsters, steamers, mussels and baked potatoes.

The best thing to do with a group of late 20 somethings/early 30 somethings (besides totally age yourself in your own blog)? Flip cup, charades, Jenga and Beatles Rock Band.  Man, I’m really setting us up for some gore.

An unreal baked potato cheese thing - who made this??? I can't remember...


Pork Tenderloin

Pre-Mashed Cauliflower

Sweet Potato Casserole

Baked by Melissa Mini Cupcakes

Clam Bake


Mussles n' Stuff


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Foil Baked Sea Bass with Mushroom Sauce and Quinoa for GERD Sufferers

Music: Low Man – Alberta Cross

Soooo…I was very recently diagnosed with GERD. I won’t go into the ugly details but I’ve got vocal cords that look something like the Normandy beaches (too soon?).  This is not so fun when you are wanna-be singer.  I’ve got to cut out all the things that make life worth living (and keep this blog alive) like coffee, chocolate, citrus, raw veggies (specifically onions, garlic, etc.) dairy, any kind of pepper, fried foods, alcohol and stress. Basically, I have to eat baby food. Additionally, I have to stay away from “character voices” – which basically means my own brand of comedy is dead.

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