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Got a question? Want to connect?  Feel free to email us at brooklynplated{at}gmail{dot}com.

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7 responses to “Contact

  1. John Guerrette

    Hi Jess & James, Great blog, when are you going to invite me over to try some of your recipies. I saw a great shrimp dish on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I think it was somewhere in Minnisota. The dish was called Whisky Shrimp. They toasted some french bread slices with olive oil on both sides, placed about 6 pieces on a dish, put a shrimp on each toast then poured the sauce over all. Did not get the recipe for the sauce, it was some kind of white sauce with whisky that soaked into the bread, looked really good. Since I don’t know the sauce I thought a cheese fondue made with kirshwasher (that swiss liquere) poured over the bread and shrimp would be great.

  2. John Guerrette

    Hi, Jess and James. Just received your Belated B-day card, thanks, but ? you were there! Very nice go get a card in the mail though.
    The real reason I am writing is to tell you about the most excellent / awesome frying pan I ever used. I saw it on QVC about a year ago and thought it was cool but for $50.00 i passed on it. Got it at Target for $30.00. It is called “The Green Pan” it’s a 12″ skillet with a eco-friendly non-stick . . very slick grey surface called thermolon. Can take up 850 Degrees and can go in the oven (Has a stainless steel handle) (try that with teflon) You can flip eggs in the pan using very little or no oil using your wrist. Will not be using any other pans. very easy cleanup, water beads right off. Best kitchen investment I have ever made, highly recommend. A must have. Since I am now basically retired, I am eating most of my meals at home, Love this skillet. Also really enjoy the blog.

  3. Gotta love Guy Fieri helping out small business with his show especially in these tough

    times. We went to Albuquerque only because of the show and we also saw James Taylor while we

    were there so an excellent road trip for the family.

  4. hey,
    friends with erin marszalek and she told me about your blog. i just started a foodie blog and find yours to be amazing! i can’t WAIT to try those polenta fries. had them at CRAFT once and always wanted to make them at home.
    thanks for being an inspiration to a newbie blogger!

  5. Casey

    Writing to see if you can recommend a few of your favorite vegetarian curry recipes with tofu. Indian or Thai.

    Wanting nice spice throughout with good veggies, well flavored tofu, and some coconut milk. Ideally, enough sauce to serve the curry over brown rice.

    Open to any and all suggestions. My old faithful are getting boring…


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